From The Desk Of Dead Meadow’s Jason Simon: “There’s A Riot Goin’ On”

On new album Warble Womb (Xemu), Dead Meadow continues going its own way with a thick, dense sound that includes traces of folk, metal, ’60s rock, swampy blues and murky psychedelia. Hints of Howlin’ Wolf and Neil Young also go drifting through the mix from time to time. The long hours the band puts into its music is evident on every track of Warble Womb, an album that took three years to put together. The songs were shaped in Dead Meadow’s home studio and involved experiments with new sounds and recording techniques. Guitarist Jason Simon will be guest editing all week. Read our new Dead Meadow feature.


Simon: My favorite Sly Stone album. It’s one of the weirdest sounding records ever. The previous record, Stand, was a massive chart-topping affair where the Family Stone truly seemed a family. Following this, Sly retreated to his L.A. mansion, fired or alienated most of the band, freebased a lot of cocaine and became increasing paraniod and bizarre. Word is he even put a “hit” out on bass player Larry Graham. The record consists of sinuous and strange funk jams played over maestro drums loops interspersed with dark-yet-sublime pop moments such as “A Family Affair” and “Running Away.” I dig.