From The Desk Of Liam Finn: Sarah Larnach’s Art

Liam Finn could rightly be identified as a world citizen. The New Zealand native was a globetrotting toddler, accompanying father Neil Finn on Crowded House tours, repeating the experience as a young adult with his own band, the renowned Betchadupa. To record FOMO, the sophomore follow-up to 2007 solo debut I’ll Be Lightning, Finn relocated to London, but moved to New York City three years ago. Finn’s third solo set, The Nihilist, runs the gamut of his genetic and experiential influences. Finn will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on him.


Finn: Sarah Larnach is a painter from New Zealand who makes beautiful and fantastical water colour paintings. She’s known for her work creating the iconic album covers and visual art for Ladyhawke (another inspiring New Zealander), and has created a vast array of pieces, and is incredibly prolific. I am especially excited by her latest series of animals in T-shirts. I was lucky enough to have Sarah do the art work for my second record, FOMO.