From The Desk Of Orenda Fink: Carl Jung

Orenda Fink is known for her quiet, introspective songs and her unobtrusive approach to singing. Her music, both on her own solo albums and with Azure Ray (the band she fronts with longtime friend Maria Taylor), tends to be forlorn and unsettling, albeit imbued with an underlying belief in the ultimate goodness of existence. The songs on her new album, Blue Dream were inspired by the death of her dog, as well as general meditations on the limitations of existence on the material plane. On the LP, Fink goes deep into the primal questions of death and the meaning of life. The lyrics are dark, but the music is bright and buoyant, although still played at the laid-back tempos that are her forte. Fink will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on her.


Fink: Carl Jung is my adopted spiritual mentor. He was a scientist with a brilliant mind, but he was also a reluctant mystic. I think this combination of viewpoints allowed him to tap into discoveries of the mind and soul that no other modern thinker has achieved. He coined and redefined terms that permeate spiritual and therapeutic practice today: the collective unconscious, synchronicity, persona, anima and animus, the self and the shadow, archetypes, and extrovert and introvert, to name a few. But it’s his theory of dreams that is the most fascinating to me. He assigns great importance to them as symbolic representations of our deep conscious and unconscious minds. Through dreams we can not only access knowledge that resides in our hidden mind, but that of the entire collective unconscious. Glorious.