From The Desk Of The Muffs: My Two Favorite Raggedy Rock Solos

After a decade adrift, the Muffs have gotten their melodic pop groove back. Frontwoman Kim Shattuck has reunited with longtime backing members Ronnie Barnett (bass) and Roy McDonald (drums) for Whoop Dee Doo (Cherry Red/Burger). The Los Angeles-based trio will also be guest editing all week. Read our brand-new feature on the band.


Shattuck: I love certain guitar solos. I love when guitarists are just learning what to do and can still barely get their fingers going fast enough. Like when the unintended string rings out. Every squawk, feedback blip, accidental over bend, twang gone wrong, wrong fret for a second and outright noise is music to my ears. Soloists who have more gusto and less finesse are what I crave. The jack-off axe meisters who are over technical and noodly are the people I hate. I hate them with every ounce of my being. Grandiose attitude and showing off have no business being in a great rock song.

“She’s Got Everything” by the Kinks is my first favorite rock solo.┬áBendy, squawky, overbends and nasty tone. Let’s just say that this is the solo I’ve aspired to play ever since I discovered the guitar.

The solo on “Biff Bang Pow” by the Creation is the epitome of all that is perfect in a rock solo. Raggedy, forceful, shitty, noisy and fun. I love the drone A note going on throughout. I melt every time I hear it. Perfect.

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