Autumn In June Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape

Autumn In June is an indie-electronica artist from Los Angeles, whose beats and melodies can make even a dead man dance. Influenced by the violence witnessed throughout his childhood growing up in south L.A., he managed to take his experiences and create an artform out of them. His self-titled sophomore album is due September 16, but before you check that out, check this out. Autumn In June has made MAGNET a mix tape, which we proudly share with you below.

Electric Light Orchestra “Yours Truly, 2095”
I have always thought that Jeff Lynne has an incredibly cool voice! In this song, he combines some dope lyrics with a perfect fusion of original sounds. In short, I love this song because it is innovative and creatively amazing! It’s crazy to listen to the lyrics of this song and imagine him creating this all the way back in 1981. Video

2pac “To Live And Die In LA”
2pac is by far my favorite artist of all time. He was an incredibly smart dude and produced lyrics that a lot of people could really relate to.The video was shot in my neighborhood, and I feel like he really captured that part of L.A. well in this song. Video

The Church “Under The Milky Way”
I have a really big interest in Australian bands and the music that they produce. The Church are one of my favorites, and “Under The Milky Way” is a classic. This song is so smooth and makes me feel extremely chilled out every time I hear it. Enjoy! Video

Omega “Gyöngyhajú Lány”
Genius work by this Hungarian rock band. I love the whole feeling of this song; it’s got this warm vibe to it that makes everything seem super dreamy. Video

Dr. Dre “Xxplosive (Instrumental)”
“Xxplosive” was a huge song when I was younger. I would hear it everywhere I went in L.A. I love the instrumental because it’s simple and super funky. I must have listened to it a million times, but I don’t think I will ever get tired of hearing it. Video

Platinum Blonde “Not In Love”
I love the concept of this song and the fact that it focuses on feelings that aren’t often addressed in most popular music. The way that the guitar is played on the chorus brings so much energy to the song, and the lyrics make it so hard not to sing along at the top of your voice. As an artist, I am obsessed with creating original melodies. I spend hours in my studio doing it. This song has such a dope melody and gets me hyped on making new music every time I hear it. Video

Michael Jackson “Dirty Diana”
This is probably my favorite Michael Jackson song of all time. It highlights exactly what made him so great. His passion, originality and showmanship are second to none. The energy in the video is so intense, it makes me wish I was there. A true legend! Video

El Perro Del Mar “Change Of Heart”
What’s not to love about El Perro Del Mar? Sarah Assbring is so laid back that you can’t help but forget all of your problems when you listen to her music. There’s nothing better than laying in the sun with a few beers and just totally absorbing this tune; it’s my ultimate chillout song. Video

The Libertines “Time For Heroes”
My close friend and manager Matt Ripley put me on to this band. He’s a big Libertines fan and loves this song. Personally, I love the way in which the Libertines wrote in a truly poetic way. Video

Supertramp “The Logical Song”
I love this song because the lyrics are so inspirational. Roger Hodgson is a great writer, and I love the uniqueness of his voice. I like to watch the live version of this song because you can see the passion and love that his fans have for him when the song starts. It has undoubtedly been an inspiration to so many people out there. Video

Flight Facilities “Clair De Lune”
I pretty much like everything that Flight Facilities creates, but this is my personal favorite because my friend Christine Hoberg is on it. She has an incredible voice and really does her thing on this one! The video is really cool, too. Video