From The Desk Of The Muffs: The End Of The Movie “Fargo”

After a decade adrift, the Muffs have gotten their melodic pop groove back. Frontwoman Kim Shattuck has reunited with longtime backing members Ronnie Barnett (bass) and Roy McDonald (drums) for Whoop Dee Doo (Cherry Red/Burger). The Los Angeles-based trio will also be guest editing all week. Read our brand-new feature on the band.


Shattuck: The Coen brothers movie Fargo is brutal. It’s also funny, quirky and silly. But it’s over-the-top sad the whole time. Until the end of the film, when Norm and Margie Gunderson are in bed. It’s the sweetest counterpoint to the whole rest of the movie, and it melts me every time. My favorite scene.

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