Abbie Barrett Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


Abbie Barrett is the core of her band Abbie Barrett & The Last Date, who have an album due for release this month. The music they play has a tough rock edge but also stays very pop oriented. Barrett’s voice and lyrics make the songs emotionally gripping, while the instrumentation make the music fun. Now, Barrett has made a mix tape for MAGNET. Check it out below.

CSNY “Country Girl/Whiskey Boot Hill/Down Down Down”
I’ve always been a fan of Neil Young. His music served as the soundtrack to my high-school years, and I think the way he writes song has influenced me the most—albeit somewhat subconsciously. He changes time signatures, he’s daring, and he doesn’t seem to give a fuck about what anyone else thinks of him! This song includes Crosby, Stills and Nash. It’s not my favorite Neil Young song—who can really choose?—but it tells an epic, sweeping story without ever leaving the confines of some bar (at least as pertains to the lyrics). In fact, it’s a three-part suite. (I read somewhere that Neil collects three separate royalties for the song. Not sure if that’s true, but I like the idea of him sticking it to the man.) Video

Syreeta Wright “Cause We’ve Ended Now As Lovers”
Jack Hamilton, our keys player, introduced me to this song, and it really defines what “captivating” means. The song moves so slowly, and both the music and Syreeta’s voice are so controlled, and yet it just crushes you with emotion. Syreeta sings about her ending marriage to Stevie Wonder—and yet he’s the songwriter and producer of this song. It’s a collaboration that’s so strange, sad and also wonderful. Video

Sly & The Family Stone “Que Sera”
Sly covering Doris Day. I will never not sing along to this song at full volume. Video

Radiohead, “Idioteque” (Live Version From I Might Be Wrong)
I heard this song playing in a Tower Records (remember those?), and I bought it on the spot. I hadn’t really listened to Radiohead at that point, but this song just grabbed me and took me down a Radiohead rabbit hole. Thom Yorke sings the shit out of every song, but here he gets particularly angsty and yarbly (is that a word?). It reminds me a little bit of Roger Waters, whom I also love for his yell-y (another new word) singing quality. Video

Feist “Secret Heart” (Ron Sexsmith Cover)
I became enamored with this particular performance of the song. I’m a huge fan of Feist. In general, she writes amazing hooks and melodies, without compromising her smart lyrics and down-to-earth production. With that said, she didn’t write this song (and I digress). But I love songs that go from quiet and sparse to rockin’. I’m really a sucker for it. It’s an old trick, and I embrace it every time. Video