From The Desk Of The Primitives: Coventry Music Museum

The Primitives have been invited to guest edit MAGNET this week, so we thought we’d spin right back through memory, as the line from the title track of our new album, Spin-O-Rama, goes (how’s that for a clever bit of crowbarring?), and revisit some music-related experiences from our childhood, youth and early days of the band. There’s also some other random stuff to do with the world of the Primitives. It’s been a pleasure putting all this together, as there wouldn’t normally be any reason to relay any of this stuff. So thanks MAGNET, we’re enjoying the delve.


Tracy: If you ever visit Coventry, our hometown, make sure you visit the Coventry Music Museum. Obviously the 2-Tone movement is Coventry’s main musical export, and there’s loads of great memorabilia and lots of artifacts relating to the Specials and the Selecter, etc., but there is so much more besides—us, for instance! Check out the larger-than-life Tracy Tracy mannequin wearing the white suit that I wore in the “You Are The Way” video and more recently in the video for “Lose The Reason.” Also see if you can spot the Primitives plaque on the wall outside in the 2-Tone village. Oh, and my mum helps out there on the weekends, so say hello if you see her. You can’t miss her; she’s the lady in the Primitives t-shirt.