From The Desk Of The Primitives: What To Wear? Guidance For Up-And-Coming Bands And Singers From Hatchmeister

The Primitives have been invited to guest edit MAGNET this week, so we thought we’d spin right back through memory, as the line from the title track of our new album, Spin-O-Rama, goes (how’s that for a clever bit of crowbarring?), and revisit some music-related experiences from our childhood, youth and early days of the band. There’s also some other random stuff to do with the world of the Primitives. It’s been a pleasure putting all this together, as there wouldn’t normally be any reason to relay any of this stuff. So thanks MAGNET, we’re enjoying the delve.

The Primitives: We thought a lot about Tony’s advice when we were starting out, but in the end went with the Byrds’ simple dictum: “If your hair’s combed right and your pants are tight, it’s gonna be all right.”