From The Desk Of The Wedding Presents’ David Gedge: Doris

MAGNET kindly asked if I’d come back and guest edit again. This year has been a whirlwind for the Wedding Present with touring, the festival in Brighton, recording the new Cinerama album, the Record Store Day singles and the deluxe reissue campaign of the first eight albums. There has hardly been a minute to sit still. So here is a little collection of little things in my life at the moment.


I didn’t really want to ever own a puppy again. They’re a huge commitment; they make your house scruffy, they smell, you have to tend to them at all hours of the day. When we went to look at a litter of seven wriggly guinea-pig-sized Yorkshire Terrier/Bichon Frisé crosses, I steeled myself against them and their small wet noses and begging eyes. My wife had none of these reservations. She’s more impulsive than I am. We came home with the smallest of the litter. Of course, I was melting on the inside … and I still am. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve remembered the happiness that leaks into your heart when you live with an animal. Who can not be cheered up when that little furry face looks up at you and your new friend shakes her whole body with joy when you simply walk into a room?