From The Desk Of The Wedding Presents’ David Gedge: At The Edge Of The Sea

MAGNET kindly asked if I’d come back and guest edit again. This year has been a whirlwind for the Wedding Present with touring, the festival in Brighton, recording the new Cinerama album, the Record Store Day singles and the deluxe reissue campaign of the first eight albums. There has hardly been a minute to sit still. So here is a little collection of little things in my life at the moment.

Every August, I curate my own festival in Brighton, nestled in the southern coast of England. I call it a “festival,” but it’s essentially just an all-day indoor affair at a medium-sized venue. I say “curate’” but not a lot of thought goes into it. I just pick bands I love, people I admire, old friends and former musical colleagues, anyone who takes my fancy, really. But the thing is, once I’ve pressed the start button, the thing just takes on a life of its own. I don’t mean this to sound hippy-ish or anything, but it seems to grow organically and always comes together perfectly. I’m not saying it’s easy—it’s actually quite a lot of work—but then the venue doors swing open and the first band takes to the stage with the beach clearly visible through the huge Victorian windows behind them and I will, without fail, have to choke back tears of … I don’t know, satisfaction? Relief? Either way, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.