From The Desk Of Spirit Family Reunion: Just Coffee

When the folks in Spirit Family Reunion raise their voices in song, they deliver an inspiring message. Their mostly acoustic approach combines elements of rock with hints of bluegrass and country music. They have a feel that approaches the fervent emotions of gospel music, but their messages stay grounded in the secular world. Banjo player Maggie Carson will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on the band


Carson: Just Coffee is a small company in Madison, Wisc., that we had the pleasure of getting to know last year. They embody the three most important values for any company: creating high-quality products, keeping prices competitive and just as importantly demonstrating a steadfast commitment to thoroughly ethical practices. They say they are “dedicated to creating and expanding a model of trade based on transparency, equality, and human dignity,” and I believe them. There is a section of their website titled “Transparency” where you can see the contracts they have signed with small coffee farmers and co-operatives around the world. Fancy coffee is huge business these days, and lots of the top companies make efforts toward some version of responsible practices. Without the name brand recognition or the Wall Street funding, Just Coffee is bravely and rightly pushing even further. And their coffee kicks ass.

That’s why we were so excited when they said we could have our very own Spirit Family Reunion roast. It was like when Arizona called Arnold or when Jerry called Jerry, but with a company we could really stand behind. Just try a bag of the Congo single-origin Wake Up, Rounder Roast and get to know Just Coffee.

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