Rahim Quazi Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


Rahim Quazi is a Texas singer/songwriter who crafts spectral, supernaturally interested folk/pop tunes. His new album, Ghost Hunting, is out now. Quazi has put together a mix tape for MAGNET. Check it out below.

Goldenboy “Sleepwalker”
“Sleepwalker” inspired my latest album. I love the way they layer simple parts with lush and upfront vocals. I am captured in this little known song. The lead singer/writer of Goldenboy, Shon Sullivan, played with Elliott Smith and Neil Finn. “Sleepwalker” is his masterpiece—crafted line-by-line, warm keys and piano. Shon takes this song to the stars and back. When I think he has exhausted the melody, he finds a way to take it and me further. Video

ELO “Shangri La”
Again with a heart-wrenching melody and matching guitar line. ELO taught me the art of the outro ending. The song should easily be over, but here comes fresh waves of sound. Video

Sean Lennon “Dead Meat”
Sean created a perfect album. Its theme is tragic, having to do with his girlfriend cheating on him with his best friend. Then his best friend gets killed. It was a true story, and Sean captured it perfectly. “Dead Meat” is a twisting and turning of chords met with his somber vocals. The link is the full Friendly Fire album. Video

Sondre Lerche “On And Off Again”
Sondre Lerche let me know that it was OK to song craft in this day and age. He is a master of creating perfect tunes. Melody is first. This song builds layer by layer. When Feist joins in with her innocent voice, my inner-smile endorphins increase. Video

Beatles “For No One”
Perhaps saving the best for last. “For No One” can’t be more than a handful of tracks, but it speaks volumes and is timeless. That’s what the Beatles did—create timeless pieces of music. Who hasn’t felt the sadness of looking into a past loved one’s eyes and seeing nothing? The French horn is warm and comforting. After hundreds of listens, I still want to cry. Video