From The Desk Of Albert Hammond Jr.: Spas

Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. just released his third album, Momentary Masters (Vagrant/BMG). Now sober, married and living in upstate New York, Hammond has made his finest solo effort to date. We asked him to guest edit all week. Read our new MAGNET Feedback feature with him.


Hammond: Sometimes you need to relax. I have this amazing masseuse who works at the Russian baths on 10th Street, and I like to go there and realign. Spend a few hours steaming and plunging in the cold pool. The two extremes are exhilarating. Also, 88 Fulton has a good Russian bath. It’s always a little dirty. Los Angeles has a beautiful one called Voda Spa, but I kind of like the grunginess. All cities should have one.

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