Jesse Payne Make MAGNET A Mix Tape


Jesse Payne is commemorating the release of new full-length record Heirloom by making a mix tape for MAGNET. This hard-working singer/songwriter has been so kind as to handpick 12 of his favorite songs that influenced the writing of his latest LP. Check it out below, and don’t forget to give Heirloom a listen.

Sun Kil Moon “Salvador Sanchez”
Mark Kozelek’s voice is one that seems to bring me home every time I hear it. From the Red House Painters to his solo stuff, it all blows my mind. Sun Kil Moon album Ghosts Of The Great Highway has influenced my music heavily through the years. The song “Salvador Sanchez” is one of those that I listen to on repeat. Video

Duquette Johnston “Dancing Song”
Not only is Duq a great songwriter/musician, but he’s a good friend from my hometown. I’ve been a fan of his since before I knew him. His album Rabbit Runs A Destiny is a flawless piece of art. “Dancing Song” takes me to a peaceful place. I think the best way to listen to this album is on vinyl through headphones. Absolutely beautiful! Video

Helvetia “Old New Bicycle”
In 2011, while on tour for the Buffalo EP, Thomas Warren introduced me to Helvetia’s music. Their vibe is like no other. Their sound is chill with sharp teeth. We listened to their album The Acrobats for the entire tour. I’ve since gone back and dug through their catalogue. Really great stuff! “Old New Bicycle” is one of my favorite songs of theirs. Video

Joe Fletcher “Ambulances”
We’ve been fortunate enough through the last few years to play some shows with this amazing wordsmith. The first time I met him, we both opened for great songwriter Leslie Sisson. I fell in love with his sound. I am truly honored to call this man a friend. Whenever I get the opportunity to see him perform, I take it. “Ambulances” is a song that I cannot get enough of. It’s edgy, yet vulnerable. He just recently released his latest album, You’ve Got The Wrong Man. Great songs, great vibe, check it out! Video

The Middle East “The Darkest Side”
I came across their Recordings of The Middle East EP in late 2010. I immediately fell in love with their songs and sound. “The Darkest Side” has some of the most beautiful melodies I have ever heard. Video

Junip “Chickens”
José González is a songwriter who has the ability to transport me to worlds unknown. I first started listening to him when he released In Our Nature. That led me to finding the band he plays with, Junip. Whenever I’m in need of a mental vacation, I escape with the song “Chickens.” Video

Akron/Family “Many Ghosts”
This band has such a range musically. Their lyrics and harmonies are beautiful and their music is absolutely brilliant. The hypnotic nature of “Many Ghosts” keeps me coming back for repeated listening. Video

Jesse Woods “Gold In The Air”
A while back, I read an article on this guy who covered the Neon Indian song “Mind, Drips.” I downloaded the song after finishing the article and ended up buying everything he had released up to that point. He then released his second full-length album, Get Your Burdens Lifted, in 2013. It contains an LP version of one of my favorite songs he does, “Gold In The Air.” Truly fantastic! Video

Nick Drake “Road”
I equate Nick Drake’s album Pink Moon to Leaves Of Grass by Walt Whitman. I return to them both annually for a spiritual cleansing. The song “Road” fills my mind with hopeful anticipation. Video

Megafaun “Where We Belong”
While on tour in 2010, my friends at Team Clermont introduced me to Megafaun’s music. I immediately became a huge fan. The songs on Bury The Square spoke to me. I couldn’t stop listening. The music, lyrics and harmonies are gorgeous. Video

A.A. Bondy “Killed Myself When I Was Young”
I have been a huge Bondy fan ever since I heard him with Verbena. When he released American Hearts, I couldn’t stop listening to it. I had the chance to catch a show while he was touring for this album. To date, it is still the best show I have ever seen. It was to a sold-out crowd at Bottletree in Birmingham, Ala. He was alone onstage with his guitar and harmonica beneath a single spotlight. You could have heard a pin drop. He performed the entire album. Every time I hear “Killed Myself When I Was Young,” it’s like I’m hearing it for the first time. Video

Wilco “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart”
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot destroyed every thought that I had ever had. Everything that I thought about music was different. Everything that I thought about love had changed, and every thought that I had about life was wrong. I didn’t know if I hated it or loved it, but I knew, after the first time I heard it, that everything had changed. “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” was the track that began my new journey. It is impossible for me to imagine my life without the music of Wilco. Video