From The Desk Of Albert Hammond Jr.: Songs

Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. just released his third album, Momentary Masters (Vagrant/BMG). Now sober, married and living in upstate New York, Hammond has made his finest solo effort to date. We asked him to guest edit all week. Read our new MAGNET Feedback feature with him.


Hammond: I’ve been listening to “Champs” by Wire, “Hybrid Moments” by the Misfits, R. Stevie Moore‘s “He’s Nuts” and a Wipers song called “Wait A Minute Or Is This Real.” They all give me such excitement. I feel like I’ve based a lot of my new record on the feel of these songs. Not so much the sound, but just how they make me interact with things. I want to create music that makes me interact with things like this.

Video after the jump.