From The Desk Of Matt Pond PA: The Chromatics’ “Kill For Love”

Matt Pond PA‘s The State Of Gold is of a piece with the singer/songwriter’s previous work in its tension between plaintive longing and earnest affirmations. Paradoxically, it’s a confident album about having doubts; it looks outward as well as inward. Pond will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on him.


Pond: The song “Kill For Love” came on one afternoon in a hazy afternoon when I was living in a cabin. One might think that I would become an acoustic enthusiast, out there in the woods with the coyotes, trees and ticks. But I can’t stand cliché. Fitting in is not my forté. I’ve always wanted to push against my surroundings, both physically and musically. I love the juxtaposition of electronic music to the wilderness. I might even love it more than pickles. At first, shocked by the audacity of the Chromatics‘ Neil Young cover. And then I get it. From there, we wind through synths and songs that speak to me. Concerning desperation, isolation and all the things that really swim in my mind when I’m out in the middle of the woods and trying to find a handhold within the world of music.

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