Essential New Music: Peaches’ “Rub”


Creepy-sexy pre-EDM goddess Peaches expands her bitchy brand and salty sound beyond naughty electropunk for Rub, her first album since 2009’s I Feel Cream. Being away from the studio gave her time to ruminate with the lyrical and vocal help of Kim Gordon and Feist—women who, like Peaches, changed how we channel sound and femme imagery, rather than just make dirty sex talk and skeevy dance rawk.

Noise producer Vice Cooler provides Peaches a maximal tone for hard synth-pop cuts such as “Light In Places,” as well as the dramatic, hook-filled “Close Up” (with Gordon chatting up the chorus) and the majestic “I Mean Something,” featuring Feist. Peaches opens up a bit and sing-speaks socio-conscious rhetoric like “Liberate en masse/Eliminate the class/All humans, free at last,” but, of course, finishes that line of thought with something as rude as “So much beauty coming out of my ass.” With that, it’s important to know that Rub stilly happily rubs listeners the wrong-right way with crass, curt tunes such as “Dick In The Air” and “Vaginoplasty.”

—A.D. Amorosi