From The Desk Of Vanessa Carlton: Real World Studios

Liberman is Vanessa Carlton’s latest solo set and fifth overall. With classical-motif tracks like “Blue Pool,” “Take It Easy” and backward-masking-dense closer “Ascension,” Carlton has seriously upped her game, and is now composing complex etudes that easily eclipse her chiming Grammy-nominated hit from 2002, “A Thousand Miles.” Carlton will be guest editing all week. Read our feature on her.


This place is a sanctuary. It’s a studio outside of London. Carlton: It’s a Georgian mill that was converted by Peter Gabriel. You live in the main house, and there are satellite buildings and studios. Everything is stone, and in my opinion, there are hobbits lurking everywhere. I had a discussion with Peter about this one morning. He said he has yet to see a hobbit but he has seen an otter in the stream. That settles it for me. What studio have you been to recently that has a stream running through it, let alone an otter or two? This place is anything but the real world. Sade records her album here. Enough said.

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