MP3 At 3PM: Hackensaw Boys


Hackensaw Boys are inching ever closer to the April 15 release of new album Charismo, and today we’re featuring “Happy For Us In The Down.” This song is the perfect introduction to their simply lovable bluegrass stylings. Songwriter David Sickman had this to say about the track’s invention: “This song was one that fell out of the sky. The chorus came to me very fast all at once, and the verses soon followed. For me, it speaks to our tendencies to react to quickly to some of life’s more trying times. When emotionalism is at its highest highs or lowest lows, we often make hasty choices we later regret. Yet, one of the few constants through it all are the people in your life that you trust and that are there with you—whether you’re on a high or feeling low.” Check it out below.

“Happy For Us In The Down” (download):