From The Desk Of Britta Phillips: “Girl In A Band” By Kim Gordon

You know Britta Phillips from the bands Luna and Dean & Britta, but now she has a debut solo album, Luck Or Magic. The record features five Phillips originals alongside covers of songs by the Cars, Evie Sands, Fleetwood Mac, Dennis Wilson and ABBA’s Agnatha Fältskog. Phillips will be guest editing all week.


Phillips: The most enjoyable book I’ve read in a long time. Kim was a role model for me back back in 1989 when I was living in London playing guitar in my first band, Belltower. I’ve met Kim three times. The second time we met, I introduced myself as if we hadn’t already met because I didn’t want to presume that she’d remember me, but she said, “Yeah, we’ve met before,” so then I was worried that she’d think that I didn’t remember meeting her. Sigh … Yeah, she’s super cool and super nice, and I always get really shy and geeky around her. So I ate up how this book made me feel like we were best friends talking. She’s really vulnerable and honest, but still so strong and bad ass. I loved what she wrote about wanting to push up into or lie beneath that axis of male intensity and bonding onstage. I did too, and now I don’t feel weird about it. Thank you, Kim.