From The Desk Of Aloha: Air Horns


Tony Cavallario: Satirist and Vine superstar Vic Berger IV has a few main targets: Donald Trump, Chubby Checker and Jim Bakker chief among them. His recaps of the GOP candidate debates are basically the historical document of primary season. It’s all there, cementing Trump’s reputation as a bully, Jeb as the humiliated mama’s boy, Kasich as the useless dissenter. Berger single-handedly made Jeb into a mess long before Trump started landing punches, chopping up Jeb’s super-phony YouTube clips into six-second Tim & Eric-level absurdities. But my favorite tool in Berger’s arsenal is the air horn. The air horn is basically a proxy for Trump—a Trump supporter in the crowd maybe. Cutting Jeb off, usually. At the end of “Donald Trump Has No Chill,” air horns mark Jeb’s total annihilation as they get twisted into a ominous, elegiac mess of deflated-balloon sadness. It’s the perfect epitaph for the moment when something awful gave way, leaving something perhaps even more terrible in its wake.

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