R.I.P. Circus Devils (2001-2017)

OK, so these real demons aren’t officially dead yet, but Robert Pollard‘s Circus Devils (psychic pilots to say the least) are clocking out February 24 after an always-entertaining 16-year run. (They apologize in advance, of course.) The 17-track Laughs Last is the 14th LP by Circus Devils, and it finds Uncle Bob and the Tobias brothers in their all-over-the-place greatness. Also out the same day is Laughs Best (The Kids Eat It Up), a 30-track best-of comp spanning the band’s entire career that includes a 32-track DVD. Listen to the stellar “Do The Nixon” (which appears on both records) below, and buy them here. Circus Devils, to quote the man himself, “We’ll miss you so much.”