Film At 11: Wesley Stace

MAGNET’s Philly buddy Wesley Stace is set to release Wesley Stace’s John Wesley Harding February 24. He recorded it with the Jayhawks. (Good call, Wes.) Check out the Madden Meiners-directed video for “Better Tell No One Your Dreams,” which we’re proud to premiere on today.

Says the always quotable (and really fucking smart) Stace of the clip, “The message of the song is self-evident, but I had a hard time coming up with a video, because all the images in the lyrics—being from actual dreams of mine—are so literal. So I thought I could make a virtue of this by literally acting out every line: But who’d be fool enough to do that? Well, a very-pretentious-perhaps-not-very-good, but well-meaning, man of the theater in a black polo neck and sneakers, who likes to put on one-man shows called things like ‘Dreams,’ because he saw Spalding Gray once and it changed his life. To him, it’s the most meaningful piece of art ever created, but it really only makes sense to him; the audience aren’t so sure. So he’s presenting this show, with props and stark lighting, in his off-off-off-Broadway black-box theater, but meanwhile some of his own greatest fears—nightmares from our collective subconscious—are bubbling to the surface.”