From The Desk Of The Pack A.D.: Strand Bookstore, Powell’s Books And Used Bookstores In General

There’s a relentlessly brooding power and bruised melodicism emanating from the Pack A.D.’s sixth full-length, Positive Thinking (Cadence), that belies the album’s cheery self-help title. Drummer Maya Miller admits that she and guitarist Becky Black intended a certain irony in the LP’s nomenclature. “It’s facetiously hopeful, which pretty much sums up our band.” says Miller. The Pack A.D. has always been foundationally blues based, with a detour into poppier territory on Do Not Engage. Over the past few albums, though, the band actively shifted toward psych rock, a major thread in the fabric of Positive Thinking. Miller will be guest editing all week. Read our feature on the band.

Miller: It follows, that if I’m obsessed with thrift stores, then naturally I would be obsessed with used bookstores. And, yes that is true. When we are on tour, if there is time I seek out the book stores. We both read a lot and it is a prime downtime occupation when travelling show to show. The Strand Bookstore in NYC and Powell’s Bookstore in Portland are two favorites of ours. Due to the life of being on the road, it seems we’re always arriving with a half hour in which to navigate and conquer our goals. I always carry a list of sought after books with me because the minute I step inside book heavens, I am blinded. Without a list, I am nothing. While at The Strand, I always make sure I pick up a play, as it feels appropriate and feeds the former actor in me. At Powell’s, it’s always the poetry section, which draws me in.