From The Desk Of The Pack A.D.: Background

There’s a relentlessly brooding power and bruised melodicism emanating from the Pack A.D.’s sixth full-length, Positive Thinking (Cadence), that belies the album’s cheery self-help title. Drummer Maya Miller admits that she and guitarist Becky Black intended a certain irony in the LP’s nomenclature. “It’s facetiously hopeful, which pretty much sums up our band.” says Miller. The Pack A.D. has always been foundationally blues based, with a detour into poppier territory on Do Not Engage. Over the past few albums, though, the band actively shifted toward psych rock, a major thread in the fabric of Positive Thinking. Miller will be guest editing all week. Read our feature on the band.

Miller: If there’s a TV series I particularly like, I like to own it because then I can watch it over and over again. And I do. Shows that I’ve seen repeatedly serve as background, a comfort of character voices that are familiar. I will put a series on and happily work on other things at home while the dramas play out. If I’ve seen a show enough, especially from a certain decade, it becomes a thrill to see extras and supporting actors move from show to show, inhabit new bodies, new stories. Every time I see this, I think, good, they’re working. I haven’t looked at the casting director credits, but I did notice quite the shared support roster between Murder She Wrote, X-Files, ER and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. And with that I have firmly revealed some of my comfort shows.