From The Desk Of Blossoms: Music

British quintet Blossoms is unapologetically ambitious. Rather than quietly release 2014 debut single “Blow,” the band announced it with an ardent, online manifesto. “We want to be heard by everyone,” it read, in part. “We want to be as mainstream as Will Smith, as great as the Smiths, and as uplifting as Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.” The band has just issued its self-titled debut. Blossoms will also be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on the band.

Joe Donovan: For me, music is the only time I can relax properly, I’m a massive control freak and forever thinking about how I can do things better or how other people can. But when I have music on, I can sit back and just ignore everything and chill out. I’ve always done it; I used to go on walks just to listen to an album so no one would be able to interrupt me. I used to miss stops on the bus because I used to forget what I was doing or walk the complete wrong way because I used to be in some mad daydream. I love music because it goes with every emotion, and there is always a song that reflects how you’re feeling. And that’s why I think it’s so important and it means so much to me. You can’t get bored of it.