From The Desk Of Jason Falkner And R. Stevie Moore: Japan

Ever since his departure from Jellyfish at the peak of the band’s brief early-’90s run, Jason Falkner has relished his role as a self-made power-pop iconoclast. R. Stevie Moore’s championing of the DIY recording aesthetic stretches all the way back to the late ’60s, gaining underground momentum during the following decade’s punk explosion. Unlike Falkner, Moore has never been much for restraint, recording more than 400 albums. As one might surmise, new collaboration Make It Be casts Falkner as the editor/ringmaster of Moore’s wonky sonic circus—and the results should connect with fans of the former’s innate craftsmanship and the latter’s rampant eclecticism. Falkner and Moore will be guest editing all week.

Falkner: I absolutely adore Japan and the culture of the Japanese people. I have some great friends in Japan including the Cornelius people, and so because of them, my experience in Tokyo is always so cool. Love the food and tiny bars (my fave is a whisky-only bar that seats four people!) I’ve also never had a better crowd at my shows than in Japan. It feels like your average person is a completist over there. Meaning they get everything by by their favorite artists. That’s astonishing because everywhere else those people (and I’m one of them) are generally drooling and jobless haha.