From The Desk Of Glenn Morrow: Club Gaga

Glenn Morrow is a Hoboken, N.J., music treasure. He owns the influential 31-year-old Bar/None label (Yo La Tengo, They Might Be Giants, Feelies, dB’s, Of Montreal). His bands, such as the Individuals and “a,” have helped put the Mile Square City on the indie-rock map for equally as long. His latest project is Glenn Morrow’s Cry For Help, which has a new self-titled album. Morrow will be guest editing all week.

Morrow: The U.K. band Happyness turned me on to this band Club Gaga from Athens, Ga. How did I miss these guys? Well, maybe everyone did. Athens was the southern-most hub of the scene that considered Hoboken’s Maxwell’s the East Coast clubhouse. Athens did not disappoint as a musical mecca when my band the Individuals made it there in the early ‘80s. But we did not get to experience Club Gaga. This video of a street fair brings back that special Athens magic. In a town that gave us the B52’s, Pylon, R.E.M., Of Montreal and Neural Milk Hotel, you know the citizenry loves to dance! And Club Gaga is a singular band it’s hard to take one’s eyes and ears off of—almost like three different bands in one. They start rockin’ at 1:57.

Video after the jump.