Essential New Music: Wand’s “Plum”

Los Angeles’ modern psych-rock heroes return with their fourth LP and first since 2015’s stunning 1000 Days. Plum finds the freshly five-pieced band in a shockingly calmer space than its last efforts. Transient fuzz and overdriven synths make way for meatier melodies and, dare we say, more mature songwriting. Fear not, this is a kick-ass rock ’n’ roll record all the way around. The evidence lies within the grooves that these songs are a conglomerate effort with perhaps not as much heavy lifting by Cory Hanson in the songwriting or triple-teaming multiple instruments. New additions of Robbie Cody’s guitar and Sofia Arreguin’s keys and sultry backing vocals have rounded out the trio to this starting five. Evan Burrows’ tub thumping is one of the best in the game, and hell, while we’re at it, Lee Landy, your low end ain’t too shabby either.

Scott Zuppardo