MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of The Bonnevilles’ “Dirty Photographs”

On March 16, Alive Naturalsound will release the fourth studio album from the Bonnevilles. Dirty Photographs is the follow-up to the Northern Ireland power duo’s 2016 LP, Arrow Pierce My Heart, and while it retains the garage/blues flair of past efforts, the 11-track album is more upbeat both musically and lyrically. The title track is actually a love song, albeit one that lives up to its adults-only title. Says frontman Andrew McGibbon Jr., “I’ve always wanted to do a song for my wife, but the thought of some cheesy ballad, well, I would hate it and she’d see through it immediately for being paltry and fake. So I thought writing her a song that would make her dance is a pretty cool way of doing it. I met her when she was working in a local pub as a bar maid. I went in there to have a beer with my father, and there she was wearing skin-tight jeans and a crop top. I keep asking her to get me drinks from the bottom shelf so I could watch her bend over and, well, you know, not my most chivalrous moment, but it began a long love affair between me and her bum. And for the record, she has since admitted she knew what I was doing and was flirting with me. I’ve said too much already. I’m going to shut up now.” We’re proud to premiere “Dirty Photographs” today on So shut up now, and check it out.