Film At 11: Heaven

Heaven can’t wait, psych/rock fans. On March 2, the Little Cloud label will issue All Love Is Blue, the sophomore album from Brooklyn trio Heaven. But you don’t have to trust us when we tell you that you need to immediately check out this band. Instead, you can just listen to what a couple of our famous friends have written about vocalist/guitarist Matt Sumrow, drummer Mikey Jones, keyboardist/vocalist Liz Lohse and guitarist/keyboardist Eric Altesleben in MAGNET: “They play my favorite song” —Dean Wareham (Luna, Galaxie 500, Dean & Britta); “Mikey is widely regarded as the baddest drummer in the city (and by bad I mean sick, y’all)” —Adam Franklin (Swervedriver). Heaven has just released a new video for All Love Is Blue track “She’s Closer Than Everyone,” which Sumrow describes as “a song about a girl who’s psychic, who can see everything in this life, but still can’t find love. She looks in the mirror to try and see but ends up just seeing herself. There’s the life you have, then the life you see in a mirror, so let’s all pretend just for one blue moment that the psychic-mirror love that shines back at us is real.” My blue heaven, indeed. We are proud to premiere the video for “She’s Closer Than Everyone” today on Check it out now, and check them out April 7 at the Mercury Lounge with Longwave.