MP3 At 3PM: Eureka California

Eureka California has developed a lot since its inception in 2007. Growing from Jake Ward’s one-man bedroom project to a five-piece band to, finally, the dynamic duo—Ward and drummer Marie A. Uhler—we see today, the Athens, Ga.-based indie-rock outfit has got in the van and toured all over the U.S. and just released its fourth LP. Roadrunners (HHBTM) features an array of short, to-the-point, fuzz-pop songs (shortest: 1:08, longest: an epic 3:32) that, like past efforts, will hook you immediately. Of the 14 tracks on Roadrunners, “Threads” might be our favorite, and—eureka!—you can stream and/or download it below.

“Threads” (download):