The Monochrome Set: Trinity Road

Hopefully, you’ve already read our brand-new feature on longtime MAGNET fave the Monochrome Set. If not, do it right here, right now:

The Monochrome Set: Bid’s Boutique

Given it’s Bid and Co.’s 40th anniversary this year, it got us thinking about their past, especially their prolific period following their second reformation, starting in 2010. That year, the great Jason Falkner (Beck, Air, Paul McCartney, Jellyfish, etc.) wrote in MAGNET about his love for the Monochrome Set, dating back to his high-school years when he started playing music with a friend who had given a tape of songs he claimed as his own but were really the Set:

Jason Falkner Don’t Mind: The Monochrome Set

In 2015, the Monochrome Set released Spaces Everywhere, its 12th album overall and third since reforming half a decade earlier. To us, the LP proved that this wasn’t just one of those bands getting back to together for some quick cash but one that was still capable of making music as vital and relevant as its early material. We were proud to premiere the video for Spaces Everywhere‘s first single, “Iceman”:

Film At 11: The Monochrome Set

The next year brought with it not only another great studio album, Cosmonaut

Essential New Music: The Monochrome Set’s “Cosmonaut”

… but also Volume, Contrast, Brilliance … Unreleased & Rare, Vol. 2:

Essential New Music: The Monochrome Set’s “Volume, Contrast, Brilliance … Unreleased & Rare Vol. 2”

Which, with our aforementioned new feature surrounding the release of latest LP Maisieworld and retrospective The Monochrome Set 1979-1985: Complete Recordings, catches you up with the Monochrome Set 3.0. The Set has gigs set up this summer if you find yourself in the U.K. or Spain, and we highly encourage to see them if you do. But until then, we Bid you adieu.