From The Desk Of Simon Love: My Favourite Musical Weirdos, 
Part One (Biff Rose)

Welsh singer/songwriter Simon Love just released his sophomore solo album, Sincerely, S. Love x (Tapete). You should buy it immediately. The foul-mouthed Love will also be guest editing all week. Just in case you aren’t yet aware of this former frontman for the Loves, he took the liberty of introducing himself to you, dear MAGNET reader. And remember, kids: Love is all around and all you need.


For years, Biff Rose to me was just an odd-named fellow who wrote “Fill Your Heart” (with the wonderful Paul Williams) from Dave Bowie’s Hunky Dory LP. Then, however many years later, I come across a copy of his first record, The Thorn In Mrs Rose’s Side, in a secondhand record shop in Houston, Texas. (America!) It was only $5, so I bought it, and I have been happy I did so ever since. It’s such an inventive and engaging LP. Everything I’ve ever wanted in a record bought on a whim. 

You can buy it (digitally) here.