BEST OF 2018

Best Of 2018: Metal

MAGNET’s Andrew Earles picks the best metal releases of the year

1 The Hand When All Of The Shit Hits All Of The Fans (The Hand Vol. 3 & 4) (self-released)
2 Innumerable Forms Punishment In Flesh (Profound Lore)
3 Tile Come On Home, Strange (Limited Appeal)
4 Geld Perfect Texture (Iron Lung)
5 Thou Magus (Sacred Bones)
6 Pious Faults Old Thread (Feel It)
7 Mournful Congregation The Incubus Of Karma (20 Buck Spin)
8 Svalbard It’s Hard To Have Hope (Translation Loss)
9 S.H.I.T. What Do You Stand For? (Iron Lung)
10 KEN mode Loved (Season Of Mist)