MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Lily & Madeleine’s “Supernatural Sadness”

The shimmery groove of “Supernatural Sadness” will surprise fans of Lily & Madeleine’s early folk rock: It’s more Hall & Oates than Simon & Garfunkel. On Canterbury Girls, their fourth album (out February 22 on New West), the Jurkiewicz sisters from Indianapolis chose to collaborate with producers Ian Fitchuk and Daniel Tashian, who worked a similar magic bringing some disco sheen to Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour. “Is it pain or pleasure? I’m dazed and confused,” the song begins. But although the lyrics, as Madeleine explains, wrestle with conflict, the sisterly harmonies and the bright, yacht-rock pop are pure pleasure.

“We wrote ‘Supernatural Sadness’ with Ian Fitchuk,” says Madeleine. “It was our first time writing with him, and together we were able to create this fun, kind of psychedelic pop song. In the studio we wanted the song to be bright and energetic with acoustic guitar and shimmering synths, to contrast the darker, more moody lyrics. The song is ultimately about being drawn to someone who you know is bad for you. It’s easy to commiserate with someone and find connection in their melancholy mood, but the pleasure in pain can soon lead to a parasitic relationship. Total empathy can turn you into a host for someone else’s baggage and steer you into their toxic behavior, and indulging in self-pity can set you back from growth. The most powerful part of the song is the end of the chorus where the lyrics say ‘And I won’t be around, no I can’t help you out.’ In that moment the host is able to see clearly and break free from the almost supernatural bond that connects them to the parasite’s heartache. In other words, don’t date bummers!”

We are proud to premiere “Supernatural Sadness” today on Check it out now. And don’t date bummers!

—Steve Klinge