Our Fuzzy Valentines: Cherry Glazerr And Sneaks Celebrate V-Day In The City Of Sisterly Love

Say you’re like us and made a total mess of Valentine’s Day again this year. Forget about it: We have you covered. All you have to do is sit with the love of your life and look at these V-Day photos of Cherry Glazerr and Sneaks at Philly’s First Unitarian Church. It’s like it’s February 14 all over again—but this time it’s totally free and there’s no pressure. Since you already blew the real Hallmark holiday eight days ago, this is an unexpected bonus for your partner. And if you get laid afterward, thank MAGNET photographer Chris Sikich. He shoots bands so you can shoot your … well, whatever, never mind. But, kids, remember this: It’s always wise to be stuffed and ready: