Record Review: Sporten Är Död’s “Sporten Är Död”

Scrape down through the layers of rock history and what do you find? More layers—it never ends. This LP represents a labor of both archaeology and love. Who knew that nearly 40 years ago Kungälv, Sweden, was the home to a trio of teens who sounded uncannily like Liliput or some lost Rough Trade band? At the time, maybe a couple hundred show-goers and a few dozen people who purchased their homemade tape at the local record store.

But now these unwitting progenitors of the girls-rock movement have had that tape and a concert recording from spring 1982 cut into wax and packaged along with a booklet of remembrances and photos. Group members Eva, Åsa and Ulla (first names, just like the Ramones!) sound a bit wobbly at times, and their singsong vocals, buzz-saw guitars and un-doctored drums sound very much of their time. But you have to admit, a time when some teens could nip out for an afternoon, record a song about DJ John Peel and get him to drop their name on his show is a finer time than our own. 

—Bill Meyer