MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Starflyer 59’s “Young In My Head”

Longtime MAGNET fave Starflyer 59 not only celebrated the silver anniversary of 1994 debut album Silver earlier this month but is also set to release 15th LP Young In My Head on April 26 via longtime label Tooth & Nail. The only constant member of the Southern California band has been prolific frontman Jason Martin, who’s also played with Lo Tom and other outfits as well as done studio work for the likes of Cigarettes After Sex and the Drums.

In some ways, Young In My Head is both a return to form and a journey into uncharted territory for Martin. “My 16-year-old son Charlie played drums on the record,” he says. “Since there was no need to schedule rehearsals, we were able to play and work on the songs for a while before we recorded them. This gave the music more of a band feel. It reminded me of the old days. It was fun … I wanted the parts to be a bit more intentional, not as much layering as in records past. But when it was all said and done. it still just sounds like a Starflyer record to me.”

Young In My Head‘s title track (“It’s about the idea of my body getting older,” says Martin, “but my mind staying the same”) is the second single from the album. It’s out on Friday—but, dear MAGNET reader, we have it a couple days early for you. Like the best Starflyer songs, it’s instantly memorable and catchy and familiar—and unmistakably Martin, who’s quietly become one of indie rock’s most consistent songwriters of the past quarter century.

Check out “Young In My Head” now: