MP3 At 3PM: Chicago Afrobeat Project’s “Sunday Song (AfroQbano Remix)”

The upbeat sounds of a self-described “collective of Latinx music curators, artists, taste-makers and socio-cultural instigators” are sure to make you want to get up and dance. The group, called Future Rootz, aims to bring back the roots of older music and futurize it—hence its name. The limited-edition-vinyl What Goes Up Remixed is the debut release from the Future Rootz label, and it’s a collection of remixes of tracks from Chicago Afrobeat Project Featuring Tony Allen’s 2017 album What Goes Up. On the AfroQbano remix of “Sunday Song,” the sounds range from jazzy moments all the way to EDM. AfroQbano is a DJ who uses his Cuban background to merge house music with his tropical, funky vibe. Download and/or stream his fresh take on the soulful “Sunday Song” below.

“Sunday Song (AfroQbano Remix)” (download):