MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of The Mommyheads’ “Mutual Enemy” Video

September 6 is gonna be a big day for Mommyheads heads. Not only is the art-pop outfit celebrating the 25th anniversary of the stellar Bingham’s Hole with a remixed/remastered reissue, the Adam Elk-led quartet is releasing 10th album Future You. Where the band’s melodic ’70s tendencies were perhaps a little unhip back in 1994 for the self-ordained indie cognescenti, the music-loving world has probably caught up to the Mommyheads and their now-hipster-approved influences a quarter-century later.

One of Future You‘s standouts is second track “Mutual Enemy,” and the video for the song follows the stylistically similar clip for LP opener “Woke Up A Scientist.” Both were directed by Elk and edited by Mitch Friedman. Though “Mutual Enemy” takes a serious look at the current geo-political climate, its video does it in a very entertaining way.

“What better way to tackle it than a video using the stop-motion technique utilizing animated toys?” asks Elk. “There are 60 separate scenes, each taking about three-to-four hours to shoot. That’s 150-200 hours of filming. That said, this video was was a true labor of love to make. Spoiler alert: We give Robert Mueller a chance to tell us how he really feels at 2:16.”

Somehow it all feels a lot fake than what’s passing for news these days. We’re proud to premiere “Mutual Enemy” today on Check it out now. And if you find yourself in Sweden, Denmark or Norway later this month or the beginning of September, check the Mommyheads out live.