MP3 At 3PM: Pauline Andrés

Though her voice was badly damaged as a result of a medical mishap, Pauline—who we first introduced you to three-and-a-half years ago—didn’t give up on her dream of making music. The French-born, Nashville-based Andrés lost her voice for a year and had to relearn how to speak. That makes new single “Hoping For The Best At The Springwater Supper Club” that much more remarkable. It’s a relaxed, soft tune (featuring trumpet, dobro and steel guitar) that feels like something you would hear at a smoke-filled dive bar in the desert. There’s a definite country vibe to “Hoping For The Best,” but Andrés’ calm voice bring it into the indie-rock realm as well. Download and/or stream it below.

“Hoping For The Best At The Springwater Supper Club” (download):