Live Review: Tame Impala, Philadelphia, Aug. 23, 2019

Recent Lollpalooza headliner Tame Impala took over the Mann Center For The Performing Arts, leaving fans speechless. With a capacity of about 13,000 people, the venue seemed beyond filled, including just about every square inch of the vast lawn. 

To start off their set, Kevin Parker and his touring band cut right to the chase with an unforgettable, visually enhanced performance, one of the things that Tame is most known for. Utilizing everything from lasers to confetti to psychedelic lights, this was a feast for the eyes that ranks with the best I’ve ever seen. 

As for the musical performance, Tame’s psych vibes were definitely present. I couldn’t help but dance along as I managed to sneak my way closer to the front, thanks to the lack of security in each section. Every concert has a different atmosphere, and this one was pretty laid-back, to say the least.

Parker saved the best—and most popular—for (almost) last. The first track from the two-song encore was 2015 worldwide hit “The Less I Know The Better,” and it was an incredible way to end the show. Even if you’re not a Tame Impala fan, I would recommend seeing them at least once in your life. Their show is that good.

—Samantha Geiger; photos by Chis Sikich