BEST OF 2019

Best Of 2019: Jazz/Improv

MAGNET’s Bill Meyer picks the best jazz/improv releases of the year

1) Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society Mandatory Reality (Eremite) 
2) Dustin Laurenzi Snaketime: The Music Of Moondog (Astral Spirits/Feeding Tube)
3) John Butcher/Rhodri Davies Drunk On Dreams (Cejero)
4) Jaimie Branch Fly Or Die II: Bird Dogs Of Paradise (International Anthem)
5) Eucalyptus Kick It Till You Flip It (Lorna/Havn)
6) Jacob Wick Feel (Thin Wrist)
7) Christian Lillinger Open Form For Society (Plaist)
8) Ken Vandermark Momentum 4: Consequent Duos 2015>2019 (Audiographic)
9) Dave Rempis/Brandon Lopez/Ryan Packard The Early Bird Gets (Aerophonic)
10) Catherine Christer Hennix The Deontic Miracle: Selections From 100 Models Of Hegikan Roku (Blank Forms Editions/Empty Editions)