BEST OF 2019

Best Of 2019: Noise

MAGNET’s Raymond Cummings picks the best noise releases of the year

1) Kelly Ruth Forms (Pseudo Laboratories)
2) Stelzer/Murray Commuter (Humanhood)
3) Kyle Eyre Clyd Eggshell (Yew)
4) Thurston Moore Spirit Counsel (Daydream Library)
5) Jason Lescalleet This Is What I Do Volume 21 (Glistening Examples) 
6) Soft Issues Soft Issues (Opal Tapes)
7) Glenn Branca The Third Ascension (Systems Neutralizers)
8) Manja Ristić The Black Isle (Flag Day) 
9) The Dead C We Don’t Know Anymore (Afterhours Eden Prostitute)  
10) Marcia Bassett/Bob Bellerue Endless Parabolas (Humanhood)