MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Mojo Nixon’s Previously Unreleased “Occupy”

Dead Don Henley and David Geffen. Pregnant Debbie Gibson with a two-headed love child. Fast-food-eating Jesus. Stuffed-muffin Martha Quinn. These are the characters who inhabit the songs created by the mighty Mojo Nixon. These folks rub elbows with the likes of vibrator-dependent women, rampaging rednecks, comatose girlfriends, country dicks, rabies-ridden babies, exhumed blues legends and, of course, Elvis.

On March 27, they’ll all be together for the very first time. The 10-CD/DVD The Mojo Manifesto: The Original Album Collection boxed set (Manifesto) collects all of Nixon’s studio albums (that’s 147 songs, kids!) plus full-length documentary The Mojo Manifesto: The Life And Times Of Mojo Nixon.

Nixon—now a DJ/host on SiriusXM—decided not to include any bonus tracks on The Original Album Collection, but he did dig around his Cheez-It-crusted archives and found this track for MAGNET to premiere today. It’s called “Occupy.”

“This song was written and recorded in the fall of 2011,” says Nixon. “I  borrowed Woody Guthrie’s ‘You can’t scare me, I’m sticking to the union’ for the chorus. The second verse is, ‘Gonna occupy the bars, fill up all the jails/Eat so many mushrooms that we grow tails/Gonna occupy an eightball and yer pepper spray/Gonna make my stand, stay right here today.'”

Classic Mojo and a Mojo classic! We’re proud to premiere “Occupy” today on Check it out now, kings and queens of the couch.