MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Witch’s Wall’s “Sensation”

Witch’s Wall just released its self-titled debut album (on Cornelius Chapel), and while that’s a milestone for every band, the Alabama quintet never thought its coming-out party would take place in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. But David Smith and bandmates—guitarist Benjamin Giles, bassist Matthew Perkins, drummer Brandon Lett and keyboardist Dylan Corker—have no choice but to make the best of it.

Judging by the lyrics to album standout “Sensation,” however, Smith and Co. seem to be a group of guys who can handle whatever comes at them. Atop music that wouldn’t sound out of place on an early-’90s Teenbeat Records release or a lost Sea And Cake-related LP, Smith sings about the need to adjust as time passes by.

“‘Sensation’ is about being unashamed for things you have casted doubt on a while and liking it later on in life,” says Smith. “Allowing yourself to grow and be curious no matter what age or where you are in life.”

We’re proud to premiere “Sensation” today on Check it out right there, right now.