MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Jaco’s “Weigh You”

If we would’ve seen the video for Jaco’s “Weigh You” on 120 Minutes in the late ’80s—sandwiched between, say, Game Theory and Dumptruck—we would’ve asked our parents for an advance on our allowance so we could go down to Tower Records the following weekend and pick up the CD.

Birmingham, Ala.-based Jaco (a.k.a. Jake Waitzman, drummer for Vulture Whale) will release sophomore album Dose via Cornelius Chapel on October 9. Supposedly, Dose is the second LP in a Jaco trilogy for the label. Since we had bad experiences with both The Lord Of The Rings and Pirates Of The Caribbean, however, we’re fairly trilogy intolerant. But if Dose is any indication, we’re also all in for its predecessor (last year’s You Know) and its sequel (the ubiquitous TBA).

“Weigh You” is a catchy college-rocker (kids, we called it “college rock” back in the day because songs like this would only be played on college radio) that gets straight A’s for all of its pensive, power-pop pursuits. Says Waitzman of the track, “Lyrically, this song is a conversation with someone—maybe yourself—trying to build them up but not preach to them, while admitting your own flaws.”

We’re proud to premiere “Weigh You” (the song and the just-like-a-dream, Tim Casper-directed video) today on Check out this double-shot deal right here, right now.