MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of John Davis’ “Christmas Day”

For all of you indie elitists out there who only like artists’ “early stuff,” Shrimper Records has a catch for you September 25. The legendary label, which turns 30 this year, is releasing double-CD Pure Night Plus by John Davis in conjunction with Davis’ Inundation imprint. The set compiles 50 tracks from Davis, who—aside from playing in the Palace Brothers and, of course, the Folk Implosion—has released numerous solo and collaborative records dating back to 1990 as well. Pure Night Plus collects remastered versions of his debut LP (1994’s Pure Night), debut cassette (1993’s Stars & Songs) and debut EP (1993’s R.I.P., D.I.Y.), plus 1995’s Instress EP, seven previously unreleased songs and liner notes by Davis and the anti-folk/pro-funny Adam Green (Moldy Peaches).

“Some of my favorite things I’ve ever done are in this collection of earliest days, and I’m very glad to see them evaporate into the cloud,” says Davis. “Matt Pence (Echo Lab Studios) did a great job reconciling the stray cassette, seven-inch and 12-inch sources, like a shepherd guiding the flock home to digital pasture. “

One of the most wonderful unreleased tracks on Pure Night Plus is “Christmas Day.” Says Davis, “Back in 1991, Fast Forward Records in Providence gave me a box of 10 unwanted promo cassingles they received from a major label and invited me to overdub a few of my own songs on them to sell at their store. ‘Christmas Day’ was the a-side of this imposter.   Matt added the panning effect on the sly in remastering.”

We’re proud to premiere “Christmas Day” today on Unwrap it right here, right now.